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Having amusement equipment in your business is a great way to earn additional income and entertain your customers. If you are seeking fun-filled amusement games, the The New Vemco Music Company is your one-stop source. We service North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. Some of our most popular products are Internet download jukeboxes, pool tables, ATMs, prize redemption games and much more.

Why Choose New Vemco Music Co?

  • 24-Hour Answering Service
  • Classic and Modern Amusement Equipment
  • Friendly and Accommodating Staff
  • In Business for Over 65 Years
  • Wide Selection of Amusement Products
  • The equipment that is leased to businesses comes with great commission rates to our customers
  • Offices strategically located to offer the best in service for our business customers

Learn More About Our Amusement Products

Whatever you are looking at for your business, we have you covered. Call us at 1-800-861-5154 to learn more about all the products we carry.